The Dovarri Difference

The Dovarri difference is built on its ability to embrace and empower your existing sales process and culture to make adoption quick and painless.

While selling processes have been in place since the Stone Age, sales technology has only begun to develop in terms of effectiveness, flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use. With Dovarri, sales technology has taken a huge leap forward. Built entirely on Microsoft SharePoint, Dovarri's Orizon provides the flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use to increase sales effectiveness and maximize your return on investment.

New Standard of Flexibility
Dovarri technology raises the bar when it comes to providing a flexible user environment. Flexibility is a key component to maximizing user adoption. User adoption delivers maximized ROI. Dovarri technology provides our clients with the flexibility to:

Adapt to the way they sell - implement your current sales process.
Work on devices of your choice.

The Dovarri process will build a roadmap to success that incorporates the best practices of your people.

We live in a time dominated by technology. Companies have embraced the belief that survival depends on riding the technology wave to greater efficiency and profitability. Yet so many companies have experienced technology that failed to deliver on its promise. We believe that when most technology fails, it fails because the people who hoped to benefit most simply failed to adopt the solution and integrate it into their daily workflow. That has especially been true of CRM products. Dovarri succeeds where others fail because our solutions are truly adapted and integrated into the existing culture and processes of our customers.

Familiarity Breeds Success
Dovarri is embraced faster because it is familiar in vocabulary, structure and process. We work with you to personalize your Dovarri solutions with your terminology, your territory titles, your organizational titles. Beyond nomenclature, we also mirror your organizational structure, without the restrictions that plague many competing products.

Dovarri deploys faster because it creates less disruption. The learning process is shortened because there is less to learn. Faster deployment means a faster ROI and payback of your investment.

Dovarri delivers results faster because it is intuitive to the best practices of your existing culture. In every organization, there is tangible inertia to any technology that forces a new process or methodology, especially for processes that traditionally provide for some personality variation. The Dovarri process enhances your existing one with tools and techniques that are intuitively supportive of sales success. Dovarri solutions were designed and built by sales people for sales people.

For Companies, Dovarri Delivers the Power of Choice
The Dovarri difference is built on the ability to deploy with flexibility, integrating with your overall IT strategy to suit your existing infrastructure. Your Dovarri solution can be completely outsourced or completely in-house, and it can easily transition from one to the other as you grow. On our network or yours, the powerful solution is the same.

Dovarri is built entirely on the Microsoft.Net platform.

IT Management made simple. Dovarri's web-based solution works on your network or ours.

XML web services for robust integration with back-office systems.

Easy to administer. Simple to deploy.

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