The Dovarri Process

Successful CRM is often easier said than done. It seems painfully obvious at times what people should do to generate leads, close sales and maintain positive relationships with customers. But if it were that easy, the business landscape wouldn't be so cluttered with the failed efforts of so many. We believe that many CRM solutions fail because they rely on passive data alone to deliver results. Those companies have learned that you can lead your people to software, but you can't make them think. We succeed where others fail because Dovarri solutions provide a roadmap for success that incorporates motivation and an impetus to encourage adoption and cultivate success.

Dovarri is Sales-Centric CRM
Dovarri is easy to own because it is oriented to bottom-line results. The success of any enterprise begins with the sale. Dovarri begins with a proven sales process that is integrated with your process and culture.We then build a suite of solutions on the foundation of sales success to deliver comprehensive management of your critical relationships.

Dovarri Turns Your Information into Insight
Dovarri is easy for sales people to use because it uses information to guide and enforce your best practices. We deliver focus, not merely facts. Many CRM products in the market today collect and collate information, but the next step is still up to the individual. Dovarri answers the question, "What should I do today?" with a clear visual blueprint for results. Salespeople make more money by better understanding the sales process and focusing on those potential customers who are better able, willing, and ready to buy.

Dovarri is easy for management to use because it provides visibility and real-time analysis of the sales process to optimize the deployment of manpower and resources. We deliver results, not just reports. Dovarri lets sales people sell and managers manage. We know that every manager is overburdened with information.  Without the ability to discern critical data and leverage points, CRM software can be more of a burden than a solution. Dovarri delivers the right information to help you focus your efforts where they will do the most good.

Dovarri Automates Success
Most sales and marketing professionals understand the principles and techniques of successful sales, but lack the discipline and motivation to follow through. Dovarri understands and builds in mechanisms to encourage and mandate that certain critical steps will be followed. The result is sales cycle management that works - a structured methodology for identifying, analyzing and closing complex, multi-decision maker, value-driven, competitive sales.

"Having struggled with other sales technology solutions, Dovarri is like a breath of fresh air. Dovarri was easy to implement, easy to learn and prepares our students for the future of real world selling. After seeing how well Dovarri performed in our classroom environment, we decided to use the Dovarri solution throughout the Bauer College of Business."

Eli Jones, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
The Program for Excellence in Selling; University of Houston, Bauer College of Business

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